The following are features that you should be familiar with when playing the slots. They apply to almost all slot machines:

The payoff display will tell you exactly how many coins you win when various symbols appear on a pay line. Modern slot machines have a great variety of symbols but don't let that confuse you. The machine is programmed to pay out a certain number of coins for each possible combination of symbols. The payoff determination is made the instant the reels are engaged. See section on symbols.

Maximum coin play is indicated on the display pannel. The ususal number of coins varies from machine to machine but the standards are; two coins, three coins, and five coins. Some machines take up to eight or more but these are the exceptions. Three coin machines are the most prevalent.

Coin play values  range from 5 cents through 25, 50, 1$, 5$, 25$, 100$ and yes in some high roller casinos even 500$ machines. This is heart attack country for the average player. Nickel machines are fun, twenty five cent machines can take a few bucks out of your pocket but for most people, still affordable. Fifty cent and dollar machines start to get a bit heavy and can relive you of mucho coin. Five dollar machines are enjoyed by a lot of people, they can get very expensive but if you hit and walk they can be OK sometimes. Anything beyond the fiver is not for the faint of heart, nor is it wise for anyone less than very wealthy to try these high end slot machines. The great majority of players play in the 5 cent, to 5 dollar slot range.

The number of pay lines on a standard slot machine is one, a center line , meaning that there is only one winning line and the symbols must all be on the center line to win. A single line machine will accommodate from 3 to 5 coins. The next most popular machine is the three liner. Symbols may be aligned on any one of the three lines in a winning combination, occasionaly these three liners will line up winners on two of the three lines and each one pays off. Three liners take three coins and should always be played with three coins. The first coin pays on the center line, the second coin pays on the top and center lines and the third coin pays on all three lines. The other standard variation is the five line machine. This has three lines the same as the three liner above but also has two diagonal lines making a total of five pay lines. If you are going to play these you should play the maximum five coins.

Most machines have three reels but there are exceptions. There are novelty machines with two reels, and the odd four reeler. The big berthas usualy have from three to several reels and are normaly in the dollar range of play, taking up to three dollars at a time. These should not be taken too seriously. A recent innovation is the single line diamond pay out. If the proper symbols appear in a diamond shape on the face of the machine you win. A good thing to remeber, machines hardly ever miss paying out the correct number of coins. In over twenty years of playing slots I have not experienced it. They may tilt or malfunction when paying off but the attendants will always see that you are paid the correct amount.

The symbols on slot machines are just too many and various to detail them in any fashion. Suffice it to say, though there are many, the odds are precisely the same no matter what the symbols are. There are some symbols worth noting and they are the special ones. Wild symbols that represent any other symbol when appearing on the right line (s). There are symbols that represent double payoffs, triple payoffs and five times payoffs, there seems to be no end to the variations. There are customized symbols made to the casinos specification and provide a large jackpot payoff when realized. Don't hold you breath for these payoffs. They are rare indeed. The reason for so many symbols is variety of choice. If certain symbols prove unfavourable to the playing public they will be changed. Casinos are constantly experimenting with a large variety of symbols some prove more popular than others. They try to make them exciting, I often play a slot simply because I like the symbols. I'm human too.


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