1. The best tip anyone can get is, if you're looking to win a jackpot, to make sure you have the right number of coins in the machine. There is no greater heartbreak for a slot player that to find he/she has lined up the jackpot symbols and nothing is happening only to realize they didn't put in the right number of coins. It happens more often than one would think.
It is always wise, particularly when playing and unfamiliar slot machine with a whole new set of symbols and payoff schedules, to read the machine. You will always find the information necessary to play any machine right on the face. It may look complicated but once you understand what you're looking for it's really not all that hard. The big jackpot is on the upper right hand corner of the machine and it will tell you what the prize is and what is required to win the big one.

Jackpots are certainly a big thrill but don't miss the fun of slots by focussing only on jackpots, the smaller wins are a lot more common.

2. Always read the pay-off information on each machine, particularly on Pay for Play machines. These are usually three coin slot machines with the first coin paying only on limited symbols, perhaps cherries and bars. The second coin pays on the next set of symbols and the third coin pays on any win. The big win is with the third coin. Many a player has turned up three sevens and stood in wonderment as to why they didn't get paid. They only put one coin in the slot machine and one coin wont feed the Bull dog on a Pay for Play. Know what you are playing.

3. Losing money is a serious issue. You need to change your approach to playing the slots from stuffing money into the slots to cleaning out the hopper. You cannot expect that every machine will gladly spit out coins for you More machines will keep coins rather than spit them out Your objective is to learn the difference and key on those machines that are giving and stay away from those that are taking. The machine will tell you, you just have to pay attention By using a specific disciplined approach you can cut your losses and become a winner.

4. The cash out button controls the payout function, it either indicates credits or it drops the coins in the tray. Be sure you have cashed all of your credits before leaving the machine.


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